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Helping Missionary Doctors in Africa Fight COVID-19

Our mission hospital partners are stronger and more effective than ever before, but the stakes are high, not only for many families and individual lives across Africa but also for the mission hospitals and health workers that are critical to their care. These hospital teams will play a vital role in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A young female physician with a baby
More than 3,700 Health Professionals

have been trained thanks to AMH, including 2,600 HIV clinical trainees and scholarships for degree level professional programs resulting in 275 new surgeons, nurses and anesthetists across Africa.

A Look Inside: The Impact of COVID-19

We’re publishing a series of articles highlighting different hospitals and partners across Africa. After a decade of collaborative efforts and steady investments, our mission hospital partners are stronger and will play a positive role in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. To date the number of reported COVID cases in Africa has been relatively low. We shudder to think about the impact the virus could have in overcrowded settings marked by high rates of malnutrition and HIV. While our mission hospital partners are working hard to prepare for the potential impact of the pandemic in Africa, they need your help.

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Help Doctors in Africa Fight COVID-19

AMH has worked to be a trusted partner to more than 40 mission hospitals in 18 countries. We have invested more than $26 million in a broad range of projects focused on clinical care, infrastructure, equipment and training that we estimate will enable more than 10 million patient visits. This has strengthened the institutions and their teams for such a time as this; but they will need much more help and many more resources to combat COVID in their communities.

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