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Infectious diseases still exert a tremendous burden across Africa.

The HIV epidemic has ravaged East and Southern Africa, where it remains the leading cause of death. HIV is accompanied by a twin epidemic of tuberculosis, which seriously affects the HIV-negative population as well. Despite significant progress against malaria, death and disability from the infection remain high, particularly in some of the poorest and least developed nations of Africa, such as Malawi and South Sudan. Missionary doctors like Claire Smith (right) combine compassion and skill to help many infected with HIV, TB and other diseases.

An AMH worker speaking with an adult female patienbt

Increasing the number of health workers trained to care for infectious disease is critical.


we provide hands-on clinical training in the care of HIV+ patients.

AMH leads Kenya’s largest HIV clinical training program. During 2019 alone we trained over 300 more clinicians in the care of HIV and tuberculosis.

Help AMH treat HIV and infectious diseases in Africa.

AMH is committed to fighting infectious disease across the Sub-Saharan region, including rural areas in countries like Kenya, Malawi, and South Sudan. Our efforts include direct support for clinical care and significant investments in training health workers. Consider that seventy percent of all people infected with HIV live in Africa; that seventy percent of HIV-related deaths occur in sub-Saharan Africa; that Kenya has the fifth largest HIV epidemic in the world with 4.7% of the total population infected; and that the five countries with the largest HIV epidemic in the world are all in sub-Saharan Africa. With your help, families will have the opportunity to live healthy lives.

A group of African teenagers and children laughing together

Help Combat HIV & Other Infectious Diseases

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