Life-Changing Medical Care for the Hurting & Forgotten

Training is core to all AMH does.

AMH operates Kenya’s largest HIV and tuberculosis clinical training program. We sponsor education for surgeons, doctors, nurses, anesthetists, and nurse anesthetists; we also invest to develop other health professionals supporting operations and administration. One of our key priorities is developing a network of highly effective mission teaching hospitals that are capable of producing excellent health care leaders for both their institutions and for their wider regions. We believe that building up these strong institutions now will leave a lasting legacy of highly-trained, compassionate professionals to care for tens of millions of people.

An AMH training seminar for African healthcare workers

The investments we have made to date in training medical professionals will result in an estimated:

9.8+ million

patient visits over the career of those professionals

With your help we can train thousands and care for tens of millions.

We work closely with our hospital partners to determine what they truly need and combine investments in training with much-needed infrastructure, equipment, and support for clinical care. With this approach, more people benefit, the training is much more effective, and the impact is sustained for years to come. AMH’s experience working with mission teaching hospitals across Africa multiplies our effectiveness.

A group of young African healthcare workers

Help AMH with Medical Education

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